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We examine the present condition of your area rug. Influenced by this we are going to use the most practical method and the right tools to clean up your area rug. Some rugs besides cleaning need to be repaired as well, should any repair be required we'll notify you and we'll suggest you the best approach in cleaning and restoring your area rug. Before cleaning you rug we'll make certain to dust it off first. In that way the major dirt and dust goes away leaving little bit of dirt within the fibers of the area rug. We utilize compress air to clean your area rugs and we use this method for a considerable amount of time until the area rug is entirely dusted off. 

Rug Restoration NYC

imageIt probably has been a while since you purchased your rug and you keep looking at it and it has been damaged either at the edges or at various areas of the rug. Many people wouldn't think twice and would discard their rug, however if you have a unique or classic rug then by throwing it out your are doing an incorrect thing. Rugs which have been kept well for decades are priceless since they represent a particular period of history and by preserving these rugs we're saving a part of history. Many rugs several years ago were hand crafted and were uniquely created for a particular purpose. The worthiness that these particular rugs hold is incredible. 

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